As temperatures begin to warm and your property wakes up from its winter slumber, there is no better time than early Spring to think about your irrigation system. Even though we’re still getting plenty of those “spring showers” its best to get prepared early for the hot, dry southeastern summers. Your plants will definitely thank you in July! The best way to prep your irrigation system is to have a Spring Irrigation Audit performed on your property.  And CityGreen is here to help you get prepared!


Having an irrigation audit performed on your property is one of the best ways to protect the investment you have in your landscape. It also helps identifies ways to both conserve water and reduce runoff pollution into the environment. It’ll even save you some money in the long run!

A spring irrigation audit is a comprehensive, professional inspection of the irrigation system on your property. An irrigation guru will walk around the property and evaluate the effectiveness of the system and make changes accordingly. Some adjustments might include:

  • Re-evaluating plants’ water requirements. As plants and grasses mature, their root systems become stronger and they will not need quite as much water.  Over time, you can reduce the amount of time irrigating mature landscaped beds or lawns.

  • Identify areas that need more or less water.  Your irrigation auditor may find that some of your irrigation heads are overlapping too much or that there is a gap in the coverage. In this case, irrigation heads can be moved or adjusted for optimal coverage and avoid over or under-watering.

Other essential elements of a Spring Irrigation Audit are repairs and maintenance. Your irrigation auditor will check for leaks. A leaky irrigation system will also leak you loads of money overtime. Standing water can also be hazardous to residents and customers on your property.  It’s best to get all leaks (no matter how small!) repaired as early as possible.

You definitely don’t want to see something like this on your property!

Another thing that should be inspected are nozzles and sprinkler heads. Any broken or inefficient heads will be replaced. Your irrigation expert should also make sure all of the heads are turned properly and are cleanly rotating.

Contact us for your property’s Spring Irrigation Audit! We’ll be sure to leave you with the most efficient irrigation system in town!