Winter is finally on it’s way out and we can now turn our thoughts to annual flower color! This is the perfect time of year for commercial properties to start planning for those glorious pops of spring color and CityGreen is ready to help you out!

Eye-catching summer annuals!

We have a team of annual color designers who will carefully select flowers to fit your property’s needs and also give you the most impact. We understand that the added curb appeal flowers can bring to a commercial property has a powerful marketing influence and we’ll be sure to plant you the best!  CityGreen will always consult with you to make sure your annual flowers fit not only the space but your wishes as well. Your stamp of approval is truly the first step in our seasonal flower installations.

Here are a few things we consider when planning your spring flower display:

Make sure that you have flowers in the most prominent locations on your property – by the front entrance signs, front doors and in any containers around the property. This is your first impression and makes your property more visually appealing to new residents, clients and customers. A bright, well designed pop of flowers will make you really stand out from your competition!

Soil Amendments
Before planting, make sure the soil is well prepared.  Annuals are heavy feeders meaning that they need a lot of extra nutrients throughout the season. Our installation technicians will prepare the soil by adding amendments and fertilizers before planting.  This will ensure your plants are set up for success all summer!

Choosing the Right Plants for the Right Space
Shade or Sun? Whether you have sun or shade dictates what plants will perform best in your annual beds.  However, it will not dictate the color impact of your display. CityGreen will pick out options for the best performing plants for your space that will also give you best punch of color.

Water Requirements The presence of irrigation or a staff person to regularly water will also help us decide which annual flowers will be best for your property. If conditions tend to be dry, we pick out drought tolerant options that won’t need too much watering attention such as lantana, euphorbia or portulaca. However, regular irrigation is always preferred for best plant performance.

Utilize contrasting foliage colors in shaded areas for added interest.

Color Compliments We will also pick out the most effective color combinations to complement your existing structures. Have a lot of purple in your entrance sign? Shades of purples, pinks, yellows and white flowers are going to effortlessly highlight your existing structures while also adding impressive curb appeal.

Texture is often the unsung hero of a striking flower design. Using a variety of foliage textures and color elements create an absolutely stunning display. We use accent plants such as duranta, lysmachia or annual grasses to achieve this effect.

Fresh shipment of special ordered plants!

Maintenance is always included in our flower installation package. Our maintenance technicians will make sure the beds are thoroughly weeded (freeing up valuable nutrients for the flowers) and that the plants are deadheaded and pruned regularly in order to promote flowering.  They will also add any extra nutrients to the soil if needed.

If you are interested in adding a striking annual color display to your property this spring, please contact us!  We’ll get started on a personalized design for you!