Picture this – the landscaping on your property is pristine. Every shrub is impeccably pruned, the bed’s design is gorgeous, not a weed in sight. You’ve got the most lusciously green lawn on the block. Your pathways are clear and your patio is just perfect for entertaining. Not to mention, you’re paying a pretty penny of your budget for it all. Then night falls and it all just disappears. Winter comes around and the shorter days really make it all *poof* vanish. Why allow all of that beautiful and hard work just disappear in the darkness? You want everyone to see!  With the addition of thoughtfully placed landscape lighting, your landscape can continue to enchant your residents and passers-by and also make your property a safer place to live.

Landscape Lighting

Details of the house facade, walkway and plantings are more evident with landscape lighting

There are 6 key reasons why every property, both commercial and residential, should have lighting as an essential component within the landscape. The reasons are both aesthetic and practical and we’ll break them down here:

Increased Visibility: Pathways, sidewalks, and steps can harbor any number of obstacles. Those obstacles can easily cause dangerous falls if the pathways are not properly lit. Put in pathway or flood lights to illuminate these areas. Residents and guests also needs to be able to accurately see signage and entry ways on the property as well.  Light these with spot lights!

Landscape Lighting

A properly lit path increase pedestrian safety.


Added Safety Measures: Flood lights and spot lights also help to deter crime and increase the security of your property. Be sure that all parking lots and every nook and cranny are properly lit.   This way everyone feels that layer of protection as they are leaving or walking to their car.

Enhanced Landscape Design: The addition of lighting helps to complement and highlight all of the one-of-a-kind pieces on the property.  Make elements such as ponds or water features, specimen trees, and a beautiful home facade really stand out! With lighting, textures and colors make a statement you might not otherwise see during the day. Well-designed lighting also creates a magical mood in the evening.

Add Home Value and Competitive Edge: When redoing a residential landscape, be sure to go ahead and add lighting! You will thank yourself when you are able to enjoy your landscape late into the night.  It will also add value if you decide to resell. For commercial properties, proper lighting makes you literally standout among your competition and can help draw in more customers or future residents.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting allows you can entertain (and party) all night long!

Functionality of Outdoor Spaces: It’s always a bummer when a party has to move inside because you can’t see the drinks and food table. Adding landscape lighting to patios, pools and grilling areas will allow you to use your awesome outdoor spaces into the night! Use a combination of accent and indirect spotlights for an aesthetic and functional touch in these spaces.

You Can Still Be Green: Additional lighting around your property may sound expensive and perhaps waste electricity.  However, their are ways to make it both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Using low voltage lights are not only save power and electricity, but they are also safer to install. Also, using timers and motion activated lighting can help to save both power and money.

As you can see, there are many aesthetic and functional benefits to having landscape lighting on your property.  And there are ways to be economical about it!  If you’d like to have landscape lighting installed at your property or if you want a full landscape design including lights, just give us a call or email here at CityGreen Services. As always, we are glad to help!