Ice and snow events can cause treacherous conditions, from impassable roadways to slick sidewalks and parking lots. Do not wait until the serious snow or ice storm is on its way to start preparing your property. You need to create a plan well in advance so that everything is covered. It is also very important to set expectation with your tenants and customers beforehand.

Start by inspecting your property after a rainfall to see where the water collects and puddles. That will show you what areas will hold water and freeze into ice patches. In addition to sidewalks, parking lots and other common areas, there are other important areas to consider. Make sure to check ramps, entrance areas, short cuts, dumpster areas and mailbox huts.  From Pretreatment (applying ice melt product before an ice event) to snow control make sure to work with a trusted vendor to create a specific plan to treat your property.  Below are a few tips to consider helping prevent any accidents from happening on your property during these winter months.

Lighten up your property: The better the tenants can see, the less slip and fall accidents will happen. Landscape lighting can really boost the level of security and safety this winter by highlighting slick spots and potential hazards.

Our team can come out and clear the path for you residents!

Prepare your sidewalks with ice melt before the snow or ice event occurs.

Keep the property well maintained: Ice can only form where there is standing water, so make sure your landscape is maintained and drains properly. If your site has heavily compacted soil, this can cause standing water issues. When water cannot be properly absorbed, it will puddle and create icy patches. Have your landscape contractor perform an inventory on your tree health.  Look for dead wood or weak branches that could potentially fall from the weight of snow or ice and cause serious damage to vehicles or the building.

Don’t forget these areas: Inspect sidewalks and steps for cracks that can pose problems if they are covered with snow or ice. Make sure any leaves that have fallen have been properly cleaned up; they become very slippery when wet. Inspect all hand rails on your property. Make sure they are secure along any stairway.

Please let us know if we can assist you in identifying and remedy problem areas throughout your property before they become slick!